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About Us

Healthy snacks. A natural source of protein and energy. Good for you, good for your family, good for when you’re on the go. But most healthy snack brands are a minefield for people with severe allergies - nuts are one of the biggest sources of protein in snack bars, and millions of people suffer from allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. So for many, healthy snacks have always been a source of fear, something they avoid entirely. We believe it’s about time this changed.

Introducing Beam. Tasty seed-based snack bars free from the top 14 allergens. Produced in a certified nut free and gluten free production facility. Full of gut friendly seeds, chickpeas and fruit to keep you going and satisfied.

Beam. *May contain traces of sunshine.

Allergen Information

Here at Beam, our aim is to create products that can be safely consumed by anyone who is affected by food allergies.  

Our products are always free from: Gluten, Milk (dairy), Peanut, Tree Nut, Egg, Soy, Fish, Celery, Crustaceans, Lupin, Molluscs, Mustard, Sesame, Sulphites.

Our products are developed, produced and packaged with care, in one of the world’s leading allergy friendly facilities.  Our facility is certified Nut-free and is entirely gluten-free, making our products school-safe for lunchboxes or other places with ‘no nuts’ policies.  We take every precaution possible to ensure that our products are free from the top 14 allergens, while also being healthy and tasting delicious, or as we like to say, tasting beamy!

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